Monday, 23 April 2018

Chilli Fish / Ikan Sumbat

Our family dish is this Chilli Fish. We pratically grew up with this dish that my late mother cook for our daily meals. Ikan Kembong or Ikan Selar is normally used for this dish. These two types of fishes are cheap in those days and affordable. So it's always a part of our meals. Some recipes added grated coconut to the chilli but my mother recipe do not add any grated coconut. Only 3 ingredients are use for the stuffing. The chilli stuffing recipe can be fried or stuff as it is. An awesome dish to have with hot rice. I like to spoon the flavourful chilli oil over the rice and eat. So heavenly and finger licking good.

Chilli Fish / Ikan Sumbat


3 Ikan Selar
I tsp toasted belachan
60 gms red chillies/ 5 chilli padi
50 gms onions
Oil for frying the fish


Clean the fishes and make a deep slit along the bone on both sides.
Chopped or blend the red chillies, chilli padi, toasted belachan and onions.
Using a spoon stuff the chilli into the fish on both sides.
Heat up the oil and shallow fry the fish till cooked and charred over small fire.
Chilli will burnt if the fire is too big.
Serve with warm rice or eat it on it's own.
It's finger licking good.

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