Friday, 28 July 2017

Starfruit Drink

This is an Old school drink that I was craving for so many years. I had this drink from a drink stall along Northtumberland Road, Farrer Park when we use to live at Race Course Road. Now it's really hard to find this drink so I decided to DIY. My sister gave me a 👍👍👍👍 for it. Add sng buay for a more intense flavour. This awesome drink will let you take a walk down memory lane.
Starfruit drink.

4 starfruits, sliced.
Add in 1 tsp salt and leave aside for an hour.
After an hour spoon salted starfruit
 into a sterilized bottle and leave at room temperature for a day.
Next day Cook sugar syrup, 300 gms sugar and 500 ml water and let it cool. Then pour into the starfruit and leave aside for a day.
Then store in the fridge.
After a few days, pour out the liquid add in warm or cold water to consume.
Add ice or not water according to your taste.
When you finish up all the liquid you can add in a second round of sugar syrup to the starfruit and leave it for a day or two before consuming.

Note: Add some sng buay or salted sour plums for extra flavour. I find that adding sng buay gives the starfruit drink a more intense flavour.


  1. Hi Lucinda, can I know after the salted star fruit is put into the sterilized bottle and leave it for a day, do u cover and close the lid of the bottle? How abt after you pour the sweet syrup and leave it for a day, is it also need to cover and close the lid tight ?