Sunday, 5 March 2017

Beef Rendang

This Beef Rendang recipe is a recipe I adapted from a few recipes, years ago. I ommitted some ingredients and add some. This is the way I want my beef rendang to taste. So yummy with steaming hot rice and french loaf.

Beef Rendang


A) 1 kg beef, cut into cubes

B) I large onion, sliced
     1 inch galangal or lengkuas, sliced
     1 inch ginger, sliced
     1 tsp tumeric powder
     6 cloves garlic
     2 lemongrass, sliced.
     2 tbsps chilli paste
     1 tomato
     4 green chillies
     1 tbsp meat curry powder, do not blend.        with the ingredients.

C) 50 gms kerisik, fried coconut
     200ml coconut milk
     1/2 tsp salt
     1 tsp sugar

D) 1 cinnamon stick
     1 star anise
     5 cloves
     3 cardamons


Blend ingredients ( B ) till fine.
Heat up 4 tbsps oil in a pan and add in (D) fry for a minute.
Add in blended ingredients and curry powder, fry till oil seeps thru.
Throw in the beef and stir till combine.
Pour in coconut milk, kerisik and combine well.
Cook over small fire for 1 to 1 and a half hour till meat is soft.
If liquid evaporates too much, add in more water to cook.
Add in seasonings to taste.
Serve with rice or with french loaf.

I cook this dish in an electric Pressure Cooker today and it only took 40 mins. Decreased the quantity of water if cooking in a pressure cooker.

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