Monday, 12 September 2016

Ondeh Ondeh Cake Slices

 Ondeh Ondeh Cake is one recipe that I wanted to try. So decided to experiment by baking cake slices. Very satisfied with the results and will bake a whole cake next time.

Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Ingredients for sponge cake:

A) 4 egg whites
     80gms sugar

B) 4 egg yolks
     70 ml corn oil
     100 ml coconut milk
     150 gms self raising flour
     10 tbsp pandan juice


In a bowl , add in oil, coconut milk , pandan paste , egg yolks follow by the self raising flour.
Mix to a smooth batter.
If batter is dry add in 2 - 3 tbsps water.
Leave aside for later use.
Beat egg whites and sugar till stiff.
Spoon some egg whites into the egg yolks mixture.
Using a hand whisk , combine lightly.
Pour mixture into a lined 7 × 11 inch tray.
Drop tray on table a few times.
Bake at 160° for 20 mins.
After baking drop tray on table a few times to prevent Shrinkage.
Let cake cool before assembling.


Cut cake into half. Spread bottom half with buttercream.
Spread with gula melaka coconut and place top back on.
Coat top of cake with buttercream and let cake sit in fridge for half an hour. After half an hour take cake out and cut into slices.
Decorate with buttercream and gula melaka coconut. Drizzle with cool gula melaka.

Gula melaka coconut

100 gms white grated coconut
100ml gula melaka , add 2 tbsp water and melt over low fire

Add 3- 4 tbsps melted gula melaka to the coconut and mix till conbined.
Leave aside for later use.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

2 egg whites
60 gms sugar
150 gms butter


Cook the egg whites and sugar over a double boiler and stir with a whisk till sugar dissolves.
Take away from the heat and beat till egg whites are stiff and cool.
Add in butter and beat till fluffy and creamy. Set aside for later use.


  1. Hi, If I were to bake a 7 inches round cake do I double or triple the recipe?

  2. Hi, If I were to bake a 7 inches round cake do I double or triple the recipe?

  3. Hi Rina. Double the recipe for a 7 inch cake.

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  4. Ok. Thank you for your reply. I shall try it this weekend :)

  5. Sorry just to double check the butter used is salted or unsalted butter? Thanks.

  6. I can't find a 7*11 inch tray in boon huat so I bought and used a 10*10 inch tray and it turned out real flat and dry. Is the recipe writes correctly? Is it a 7*11cm tray or really 7*11 inch tray??

  7. Hi Lucinda,

    Can I use cake flour instead of self raising flour? Same quantity?


  8. Hi Glenda. Using cake flour will yield a different texture for the cake. The sr flour will give you a melt in the mouth texture cake.

  9. How do I get the pandan juice?