Monday, 12 September 2016

Kiam Chye Fish/ Salted vegetables black beans paste fish

Kiam chye fish is another of my Mak's recipe. My maternal grandma is a Cantonese and my maternal grandpa is Peranakan so all are dishes are either Cantonese, Peranakan or Teochew. My dad is Teochew. Very confusing right. Back to the dish, for this dish I used Threadfin fillet or 马友鱼 in Chinese. But you can also use Angoli. Another well loved lunch/ dinner dish to be eaten accompanied by a mean Belachan Chilli.

Kiam Chye Fish


1 piece 马友鱼  about 300 gms
200 gms Kiam Chye, cut into strips and soak in tap water for 30 mins
1 slice ginger
1 tsp taucheo or black bean paste
2 tsp light soya sauce
Salt and sugar to taste, according to your own preference
250 ml water


Fry the piece fish till golden brown.
Dish up on a plate and leave aside.
Heat one tsp oil in a pan and fry the ginger till brown.
Add in the drain kiam chye and fry for a min.
Add in light soya sauce and black bean paste.
Combine well and pour in water.
Let sauce comes to a boil and transfer fish to sauce.
Cook for a minute and add in seasonings and slice red chillies.
Serve with steaming hot rice or porridge.

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