Monday, 5 October 2015

Watercress Soup

My mom cooks a lot of soup for us and all these soups are ' old fire soup'. Old fire soups are Cantonese style soups cooked over charcoal fire for 3 - 4 hours over. This watercress soup is one of her recipes. Very straightforward and simple. Using watercress and soft bone pork ribs only. Some people wil add dates and chinese almonds to this soup but i don't. I like a simple and clear soup. Drinking Watercress soup can cleanse our lungs. My mom used to tell me this story about a man suffering from tuberculosis and he accidently ate some raw watercress and was cured of this disease. My mom says the raw watercress plug up the holes in his lungs. This is just a myth passed down from generations and whether it's true or not, no one knows. But the truth is that watercress is really good for the lungs.

Watercress Soup


500 gms watercress
1 kg soft bone pork ribs


Blanch the pork ribs to get rid of the blood and fat. Wash clean and put aside.
Pluck the roots off the watercress and pluck into 2 inches sections.
Using a heavy bottom stainless steel pot, bring 3 litres of water to a boil.
Add in the watercress and pork ribs.
Cook over slow fire or charcoal fire for 3 - 4 hours.
Top up water if water evaporates too much.
Add salt or chicken powder to taste and serve soup while hot.

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