Thursday, 29 October 2015

Old School Birthday Cake (Chocolate)

It's my elder sister birthday today. So I decided to bake a cake for her. We seldom celebrate our birthdays during our childhood coz cakes are a luxury back then. Now we can have cakes everyday. Today I decided to take a walk down memory lane and bake an old school cake with wafer roses and chocolate rice like back in those good old days.

Old School Birthday Cake

Chocolate Sponge Cake

Ingredients for the sponge cake:

(A) 4 egg yolks
      100 ml corn oil
      100 ml water
      1 tbsp chocolate paste
      100 gms sponge cake mix or optima flour
      100 gms plain flour or Hong Kong flour
      3 tbsp cocoa powder
      1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

(B) 4 egg whites
      100 gms sugar


Mix ingredients (A) in a mixing bowl and stir till smooth using a hand whisk.
Beat (B) till stiff.
Scoop some of the egg yolks choc mixture into the egg white and combine.
Then transfer the remaining chocolate mixture to the egg white and combine well.
Pour into a 8 inch round pan and bake at 175° for 40 - 45 mins.
Cool before frosting.
Divide the cake into 3 layers. Use a palate knife and spread the buttercream on the cake.
Smoothen the buttercream and pipe rosettes on the edge of the cake.
Coat the sides of the cake with chocolate rice and pipe rosettes at the base of the cake.
Decorate with wafer roses and pipe leaves around the roses.
Refrigerate till serve.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

3 egg whites
250 gms butter ( cubed)
150 gms margarine (cubed)
100 gms sugar


Place sugar and egg whites in a bowl and place over boiling water in a pot.
Use a hand whisk to stir the sugar until melted.
Take away from the pot and whisk the mixture until stiff and cool.
Add in the butter and margarine and beat till smooth.
Leave aside for further use.



  1. May I check with u, if I will like to have a vanilla sponge is it that to skip the chocolate paste and cocoa powder will do? Will I need to add in some vanilla extract? Thank you

  2. Hi Lucinda! May I know if I can substitute sponge mix or optima flour for any other flour? I'm living in Melbourne and I can't find those flour mixture here. Appreciate your reply.
    Thank you