Sunday, 18 October 2015

Mi - Chang / Rice puff Crackers

Mi - Chang or Bee Pang is another name for this Chinese snack. Similar recipe to Sajima but puffed rice are used instead of the egg noodles. I bought the puffed rice from a Indian shop in Little India. It's not easy to make your own puffed rice and it costs only $1.20 for a packet of 200gms.  So better to buy than diy. I added cashewnuts instead of peanuts and also added fried sesame seeds. Just as yummy as Sajima.

Puffed Rice Crackers


 (A) 200 gms puffed rice
       100gms fried cashewnut
        50 gms fried sesame seeds

(B) 750 ml water
       350 gms of sugar
       1 tbsp maltose
       I tbsp lime juice
       40 ml corn oil


Cook ingredients (B) in a wok over medium heat for 30 mins till mixture turns to a thick syrup.
Test it by dropping a drop into cold water.
If it solidify then it's ready.
Pour the puffed rice and cashewnuts into the wok and mix well.
Pour into a oil greased 14 × 14 inch tray and pressed mixture down.
Can also use a rolling pin to compact mixture.
Cool and cut into squares for storage.


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