Thursday, 8 October 2015

Kueh Dadar

Kueh Dadar is a sweet gula melaka oconut pancake roll. No idea if it is a Nyonya or Malay kueh. This kueh dadar pancake recipe taught by my mak is made of only plain flour, eggs and water. A simple and yet delicious kueh using simple ingredients. There's also a coconut sauce to go with the kueh dadar. Being homemade we can adjust the sweetness of the gula melaka added to the coconut. This is the kind of kueh dadar I grew up eating. The kind my mak would make for us every weekend. It's a walk down memory lane for me today while making this kueh.

Kueh Dadar


150 gms plain flour
200 ml water
1 egg
A pinch of salt
1 tbsp of pandan juice or bluepea flowers colouring


Sift the flour with the pinch of salt into a mixing bowl.
Add in the egg, pandan juice and water. Use a hand whisk and whisk to form a smooth dough.
Set aside for awhile.
Heat up a nonstick pan and pour batter onto pan.
Swirl to form a circle. Flip to other side when you see the colour change on pancake.
Remove to a plate and add in the gula melaka coconut.
Roll like a spring roll. Finish with the rest of the pancake. Serve with a coconut sauce.


200 gms grated white coconut
4 tbsp gula melaka
I tbsp water


Melt gula melaka and water in a pan.
Add in coconut and fry till dry.
Remove and let it cool.

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