Sunday, 20 September 2015

Penang Achar

Achar is a popular pickled vegetable in Singapore. The main ingredients are cucumbers, carrots and pineapples. Sometimes cabbage and long beans are added. My recipe uses only 3 ingredients and this is a recipe I learnt from Mdm.Ho my cooking instuctor from the CC. It's a very simple recipe to do and you can modified the recipe to your own taste by reducing the vinegar and sugar. You can have it with rice or porridge. Keep it in sterilized bottles in the fridge to enjoy, anytime you want.

Penang Achar


2 cucumbers
I pineapple
2 carrots
300gms of cauliflower or long beans/ cabbage

Method: Cut the cucumber lenghtwise and cut out the seeds.
                Cut into 1 inch sections. Peel the carrot and cut into 1 inch sections.
                Skin the pineapple and cut into sections. Marinade the cucumbers and with 1 tsp salt.
                Leave aside for 30 mins. After 10 mins wash away the salt and pat dry with paper towels.
                 Fry rempah mixture in 2 tbsp oil until oil seeps thru.
                  Turn off the fire and add in 100 ml vinegar, 50ml water and 5 - 6 tbsps of sugar.
                   Stir mixture to combine. Add in the blanch vegetables, pineapples and stir to combine.
                    Add in 100gms ground peanuts and 50 gms sesame seeds. Mix well.
                     Leave aside for a few hours or overnight before consuming. Keep refrigerated.

 Ingredients for Rempah:

1 onion
4 cloves garlics
3 buah keras
2 slice galangal
1/4 tsp tumeric powder
1 tsp toasted belachan
5 tbsps ground chilli

Method: Blend ingredients in a blender till fine.
                Add in some water to blend smoothly..

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