Monday, 28 September 2015

Family Fruit Cake

Fruitcake is one my family favourite cake. So I often bake it when someone in the family craves for it. I found this recipe on a Big Sisters mixed fruit box many many years ago. Have been using this recipe since. The mixed fruit is soaked in brandy and leave aside for nearly a week. The longer you soaked the fruits the better. Some bakers even soaked the fruits months before Christmas. Orange juice can also be use to soak the fruits if for any reasons you cannot take liqueur.

Family Fruit Cake.  


300gm mixed fruits.          
2-3 tbsps of brandy or whisky ( or more /soaked the mixed fruits for overnight or a week).  
230gms plain flour.        
60gms self raising flour
230gm butter.                  
230gms light brown sugar.      
1 tbsp dark jam or marmalade.  
4 eggs.                        
2 tsps vanilla essence  

Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy.
Add the jam and vanilla essence. Beat again. Add in the eggs one at a time.  
Whisk until eggs are combined into mixture.
Scrape down the sides of the bowl.            
Alternately add in flour and fruit mixture until both are used up.
Place mixture into 2 lined loaf tins and bake for 45- 1 hour at 160° depending on your oven.
20- 25 minutes into baking cover with a piece of foil to ensure even cooking on the top.


  1. Hi after soaking d mixed fruits do I need to drain it ?

    1. Sorry for late reply Yee Fong. Don't need to drain after soaking. Pour everything in and mix well.

  2. Hi
    What is the purpose of adding dark jam? Can use mixed fruit jam?

  3. Hi Lucinda, May I ask should be butter be unsalted, reduced salt butter or salted butter? Thanks

  4. Hi Could you tell me how many grams are in a packet of Big Sister mix fruit.