Saturday, 1 August 2015

Steam Tapioca Kueh

This is a delicious and light kueh made from grated tapioca or cassava and coated with grated white coconut.

Steam tapioca kueh

Ingredients: 800 gms tapioca ( peeled and cut into sections)
                      120 gms sugar
                      100 ml coconut milk
                      100 ml water
                      150 gms white grated coconut (steam for 10 mins and mix in 1|2 tsp salt)

Method: Grate the sections tapioca and use a sieve to drain away the juice.
               Transfer to a bowl and add in sugar, coconut milk and sugar.
               Mix to combine and if you wants to add pandan juice, minus out the amount you add in.
               Pour mixture into a 7inch tray and steam over medium fire for 20 mins.
               Cool before coating with grated coconut.


  1. Hi, Lucinda. How do you get two colours on it? Did you use coloring or pandan juice? Thank you.

  2. Hi Pauline. For the green i use pandan juice and second layer is orange colouring.

  3. May I know, do I need to squeeze the juice from the tapioca till very dry or let the juice run through the sieve naturally? Thanks

  4. May I know 800g of Tapioca is after grated or with skin on? What is the weigh of Grated tapioca after the skin has removed? Thanks

  5. Hi Adeline. 800gms is grated tapioca from 1 kg of unskinned tapioca. Just let the juice drain away. Thanks and hope you like my recipe.

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