Thursday, 27 August 2015

Red Beans Buns

Another bread recipe. Today i made some redbean buns or An pan. Homemade redbean paste are used to make this delicious buns. Kidney beans or red beans are cooked and then fried with sugar and oil into a paste. It is a popular, nostalgic and old fashioned kind of bread.  The bread recipe is very basic and yields a soft and fluffy bread.

Redbean Bun

Ingredients for buns:

200gms flour
50gms sugar
20ml milk
1/8 tsp salt
1 tsp yeast
1 egg ( lightly beaten)
60 ml water
30 gms butter

Method: Place flour, sugar, salt and yeast together in a mixing bowl.
               Add in water, milk and egg. Combine ingredients into a dough. Add in butter.
               Knead to a smooth dough. Continue kneading for 15 - 20 mins.
                Flatten dough to release air bubbles.
                Leave dough to proof for 45 mins. ( covered with a teatowel)
                 Divide the dough into 50gms pieces.
                 Let it rest for 10 mins. After 10 mins, roll out the dough and place a tbsp of redbean paste in the centre and pleat edges to seal.
                 Placed shaped dough on a lined greased tray, covered and proof for 45 mins till double in size.
                  Brush with egg and milk wash.
                  Bake at 160° oven for 15 - 20 mins.
                  Remove from baking tray and leave to cool.

Note:  Can also used BM to knead the dough and take out to shape .

Redbean Paste

Ingredients: 300 ml red beans ( cooked)
                       150 gms sugar
                       50ml cooking oil

Method: Blend the red beans finely.
                Pour blended redbeans into a frying pan.
                Add in sugar and oil and cook over medium fire till dry. Keep on stirring the mixture to prevent from getting burn.

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