Saturday, 29 August 2015

Peanut Angku Kueh

Angku kueh or Red tortoise cake is a small oval shape snack with a soft sticky skin wrapped with a sweet filling. Glutinous rice flour and mashed steam sweet potatoes are kneaded together into a dough and the filling wrapped inside. Then it's shaped inside a plastic or wooden Angku kueh mould. Knock out and steam on a piece of banana leaf. The most common filling is mung bean paste. But over the years,  new flavours of filling are added to make this snack more sellable.  This recipe is adapted from Kenneth Goh blog. The angku kueh skin is soft and doesn't stick to the teeth.

Peanut Angku kueh

Ingredients for the skin:

100gms steam mashed sweet potatoes
100 gms glutinous rice flour
50 ml hot water
10 gms sugar
30ml oil
1 pc banana leaf


Put mashed potatoes, flour, sugar in a mixing bowl.Mix together and add in hot water, oil and knead into a dough. Leave aside for 10 mins
Take a dough put in the filling. Roll into a round and press into the mould.
Knock the mould on both sides and knock out the angku.
Place on a piece of banana leaf. Steam for 5 - 10 mins over medium fire.

Peanut Filling

150gms chopped peanuts
70 gms fine sugar
30 gms roasted sesame
30ml water
10 ml oil
1 tbsp plain flour

Method: Mix above ingredients together and leave aside for later use.


Updated recipe for coconut filling:

For coconut filling:

100gms grated white coconut
50 gms gula melaka, melted
I tsp glutinous rice flour mixed with 1 tsp water


Heat up melted gula melaka in a frying pan.
Add in coconut and fry till dry.
Pour in the glutinous rice solution and fry till combine. Cool before use.

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  1. Where to get banana leaf? Can i get in supermarket?