Sunday, 9 August 2015

Pan fried Tapioca Cakes

Another way to use tapioca or cassava for making snacks. Also using grated coconut and coconut milk as ingredients, the mixture is then pan fried in oil. This local snack can be found at Pasar Malam stalls in Singapore.

Pan fried Tapioca Cakes

Ingredients:  400gms grated tapioca ( put mixture in a sieve and let it drip dry)
                       100 gms sugar
                        50gms grated coconut
                        1 and a half tbsp pandan juice
                        2 tbsp flour
                        50ml coconut milk

Method: In a bowl add in the sugar, grated coconut, coconut milk, pandan juice, grated tapioca and flour.
                Mix together till combine.
                Heat up a pan with one tsp of oil and scoop one tbsp of mixture in the middle of the pan.
                 Use the spoon to spread the mixture into a thin circle.
                 Let it cook for a minute till ctispy and turn over to cook the other side.
                  Do the same till all the mixture are use up.

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