Thursday, 20 August 2015

Kueh Getuk Ubi

Yet another tapioca recipe using tapioca or cassava. Melted gula melaka is added to steam tapioca, mix well and transfer into a tray. Cut and serve with white grated coconut. This traditional kueh is fast disappearing from the ' kueh kueh world.'

Kueh Getuk Ubi


500gms tapioca ( skin and cut into sections)
100gms melted gula melaka
200 gms grated coconut (steam with a pinch of salt)

Method: Steam Tapioca and a pinch of salt.
                Mash the tapioca and pick up the fibres.
                Pour in the gula melaka bit by bit and mix well to combine with the steam tapioca.               Transfer the mixture to a greased tray and cut into pieces when cooled.
                Serve with grated coconut.

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