Friday, 28 August 2015

Huat Kueh

Huat Kueh is a traditional steam cake used as religious offering. The name ' huat' means to prosper and symbolises luck. Gula melaka is melted and flour, baking powder and eggs are added to form a mixture. Then the mixture is steamed and the huat kueh is successful if it blooms and breaks into a big smile.

Huat Kueh


300 gms gula melaka
250 ml water
300 gms self raising flour
1 egg
100ml coconut milk
2 blades pandan leaves
1 tsp baking powder

Method: Prepare a lined 6 inch tray or steamed basket.
                Melt the gula melaka and water over low fire together with the pandan leaves.
               Sieve the mixture and leave to
               Pour sugar mixture into a bowl and add in the self raising flour, follow by the coconut milk.
               Combine to a smooth mixture, add in egg, mix well and finally add in baking powder.
                Stir till all ingredients are incooporated and pour into basket and steam over medium fire for 30- 45 mins.
                After 30 mins used a satay stick to test for doneness. If satay stick still wet, steam till done.

Note: Different types of gula melaka will give you different colour Huat Kuehs.


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