Sunday, 5 July 2015

Tau Suan

Traditional Chinese dessert. Tau Suan is split mung beans cooked in a caramelized sugar syrup, thickened with sweet potato flour and served with Chinese deep fried Cruellers or You Tiao. It's one of my favourite desserts.

Traditional Tau Suan

300gms split mung beans
250gms of sugar.
70 gms of sweet potato flour (mix with 70ml water or more to get a solution)
4 pandan leaves
1.5 litres of water.


Wash and soaked the beans for 1 hour. Drained and steam with 2 pandan leaves for 25-30 mins or till soft
Meanwhile scoop 100gms of sugar into a pot and fry until it caramelized over a slow fire.
Once it turns golden in colour, add in the water, the balance 150gms of sugar and the pandan  leaves.
Scoop up the pandan leaves when the water boils , slowly add in the sweet potato solution to prevent lumps.
Add in the steamed beans.
Stir to combined well.
Served with you tiao ( Chinese fried Cruellers)

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