Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sesame Ginger Chicken

Sesame Ginger Chicken, actually a confinement dish but it has become an everyday dish for us because we love it so much. A lot of ginger is use as ginger is known to rid of wind in our body. There's a famous restauant that sells this ginger sauce in their restaurant and it's quite expensive. It's much cheaper to do it yourself.

 Sesame Ginger Chicken


500gms ginger
5 tbsps Sesame oil
800gms of chopped chicken


 Scrape the skin off the ginger with a spoon.
 Chopped or blend until fine.(add some water to blend)      
 Heat up the sesame oil and add in the ginger and fry until the sesame oil seeps out of the ginger.
 Add in the chicken and stir to mix well.
 Cover and let it cook for 15~20 mins.
 Add salt to taste.

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