Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Osmanthus and Wolfberries Jelly

Konnyaku jelly powder, Osmanthus flowers and Wolfberries are the main ingredients for making this refreshing and chewy jelly. Osmanthus are said to improve digestion and for beautifying our skin. Wolfberries also known as Goji are believe to improve our eyesight, anti~aging and promote youthful looking skin.


1 pkt Konnyaku jelly (10gms)
1 litre water + 100ml hot water for soaking osmanthus
180gms sugar
2 tsp Osmanthus flowers
30~ 50 gms Wolfberries ( wash and soak for 5 mins)


Soak the Osmanthus flowers in 100ml of hot water for 10 mins.
Mix the jelly powder together with the sugar in a bowl.
Heat up the 1 litre water in a pot and add in sugar/ jelly mixture.
Use a whisk to dissolve the jelly powder and bring to a boil.
Pour in the soak osmanthus together with the water. Bring to a boil and turn off fire.
Pour into jelly moulds and drop 3 or 4 wolfberries into the jelly. Leave it to cool.
Transfer to the fridge and let it set.
Unmould jelly with a toothpick and serve cold.

Note: If you want a darker Jelly stir in the wolf berries after turning off the fire. You will get a darker red colour Jelly.


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