Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ondeh Ondeh

Ondeh Ondeh are sweet potatoes balls filled with gula melaka. The filling will ooze out when you bite into it. Different colour sweet potatoes can be use to make this snack. There are many variation of Ondeh Ondeh. Some are made using only glutinous rice, without sweet potatoes. This recipe adds coconut milk for a richer taste.

Ondeh Ondeh

Skin: 120 gms glutinous rice flour
          20gms tapioca flour
          1 tbsp caster sugar
          50ml boiling water
          120gms orange sweet potatoes or purple sweet potatoes, steamed and mash
          60ml coconut milk or water

Filling: 150~ 200 gms gula melaka

Coating: 100gms white grated coconut, steamed for 10 mins and mix with 1|4 tsp salt.

Method: Mix glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour and sugar in a bowl.
               Pour boiling water onto the flours and mix till it resembles breadcrumbs.
               Leave aside for 5 mins. After 5 mins add in the sweet potatoes, coconut milk and                    mix till combine.
               Divide the dough into 30 pieces.
               Shape into a ball, flattened and wrapped with gula melaka.
                Boil a pot of boiling water and dropped in ondeh ondeh.
               Cook until floats up. Scoop up and coat with grated coconut.

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