Monday, 13 July 2015


A spicy noodles recipe that is popular in Singapore. It's a noodle dish with a spicy coconut base. The must have  ingredient in this dish is cockles or see hum. But with so many health conscious people on the rise many choose to have this dish without cockles. But any diehard fans of Laksa will tell you that Laksa without cockles is not the same.

Ingredients: 1 kg laksa noodles
                       5 square taupok ( sliced thickly)
                       300 gms prawns (blanched)
                       200 gms fishcake (sliced)
                        250gms beansprouts
                        50gms laksa leaves ( daun kesom | chopped finely)
                        2 litres water
                        1 litre coconut milk ( can use box or fresh coconut milk)

Rempah: 15 dried chillies (soak in hot water)
                 100gms dried prawns ( soak and drained)
                 5 slice galangal
                 1  onion (100 ~120 gms)
                 5 candlenuts
                 1 lemongrass ( sliced)
                 1|2 tsp belachan
                 1|4 tsp tumeric powder
Method: Blend the Rempah ingredients together with 2 tbsp water. Heat up 150ml oil and fry rempah until oil seeps thru.
               Bring water and coconut to a pot add in the rempah, taupok and bring to a boil.
               Then add 1 tsp salt to taste.
               Prepare the noodles in a bowl and ladle gravy onto the noodles. Garnish with prawns, fishcakes and laksa leaves. ( can add cockles if desired )

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