Sunday, 26 July 2015

Beancurd Skin Gingko Nut Barley Dessert | Fuchok Yee Mai Tong Shui

Beancurd Skin Gingko Nut Barley Dessert  is a Cantonese dessert. Barley, gingko nuts and Hong Kong beancurd skin are the ingredients for this dessert. This is a light, refreshing and nourishing dessert. My mom used to say that this is one dessert for pregnant women as it will be nourish the foetus and the baby will be born with milky white skin. One of my family favourite desserts.

Beancurd Skin Gingko Nut Barley Dessert


150 gms barley
100gms Hong Kong Beancurd skin
200gms Gingko nuts
150gms sugar                   
1 egg ( beaten)


Wash barley and cook in  2 litres of water.
Cook until the barley swells then add in the beancurd ( fuchok ) to cook.
Do not cook too long or fuchok will dissolves.
You can add in boiling water if the water evaporated too much.
Cook gingko nuts in a pot with 2 tbsps sugar for 20 mins.
Add in sugar to the barley, fuchok soup and taste for sweetness.
Spoon in the cooked gingko nuts, do not add in the syrup.
Add in the beaten egg and switch off the fire.

Note:Reduce sugar if too sweet.

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