Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Mee Siam, a popular local dish of fried spicy rice vermicelli served with a sour, spicy and sweet gravy. There's also an Indian version that is cooked with coconut milk and ground peanuts. My version is the Indian version as i love a lemak gravy.

(A) 80 gms dried chillies( soak in hot water)
      200gms big onions
      5 cloves garlics
      5 buah keras
      1 tsp belachan
      2 tbsp yellow soya bean paste
      50 gms dried prawns (soaked)

B) 100gms tamarind (mix with 1 and a half litres water and strained)
     200ml thick coconut milk
      2 tbsps peanut butter
      1 onion (sliced)

    1 pkt beehoon (soak in tap water for half an        hour)
    500gms yellow noodles
    300gms taugeh
     4 hard boiled eggs
     4 square taupok ( diced)
     100gms chives (diced)

Method: Blend (A) together except the yellow bean paste. Fry with 2-3 tbsp of oil till oil seeps thru. Then add in the yellow bean paste and mix well. Divide into 3 parts. One for frying the beehoon, one for the noodles and another for the gravy.
Frying the beehoon: Add beehoon , taugeh to the chilli paste  and fry till combine. Pour in1/4 cup of water and continue to fry, if beehoon is hard add in another 1/4 cup of water and continue frying. Dish up.

For the yellow noodles , fry in half the chilli paste together with the taugeh. Stir to combine and add in 1/4 cup of water and some cut chives to fry till combine.

Gravy: Bring the tamarind together with the chilli paste and sliced onion to a boil. Add in peanut butter and salt and sugar to taste. Lastly add in coconut milk and bring to a boil.

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